Copyright 2014 NOVOS All Rights Reserved - NOVOS Behavioural Health Solutions, LLC After Care Services            NOVOS Behavioral Health Solutions, LLC, centrally located in                         Middle Tennessee, but offering services throughout the Midsouth,            provides clinical consulting and management services in behavioral              health generally, and specifically in the areas of addiction, sleep, nutrition, and exercise. Our primary goal for the benefit of our clients is marked, measurable, and sustained personal and professional wellness. The NOVOS experience includes services spanning three fundamental domains: NOVOS provides expertise in the identification and treatment of behavioral health problems, including but not limited to medical, psychological, and psychosocial issues. Our staff also includes legal consultation with the possibility of representation for clients experiencing legal challenges.      NOVOS services are based on the principle that education is a primary component to achieving goals of personal and professional wellness.  NOVOS offers behavioral health education, including consulting and intensive services in group and inpatient settings.     Beyond treatment for immediate behavioral health problems, NOVOS solidifies the tools acquired through the initial recovery and treatment process. The application of NOVOS principles of sustained wellness ensures long term and meaningful recovery via our innovative behavioral health monitoring protocols.
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